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Born in Reading (United Kingdom), Nathan relocated to Hamburg in 2016 bringing with him his passion for music and performing that he has had since he was a child.

Nathan has been working as a professional singer since 2009, firstly working as a choral scholar at the University of Durham (2009-12) where he also studied and received his BA (Hons) Theology.

In 2012, Nathan was a member of the German Band Gregorian performing with them on RTLs 'Die Ultimative Chartshow'. It was at this point in his career that Nathan decided to further his training in musical theatre taking his place at the London School of Musical Theatre (2013-14).

After graduating, Nathan appeared in several musicals and concerts in London before joining AIDA Cruises as a lead vocalist in 2015. Nathan travelled the world and was also a part of the inaugural crew of the AIDAPrima in 2016.

Deciding it was time to get back on dry land, Nathan moved to Hamburg where he has been working as a performer, session singer and voiceover artist since 2017, 

Nathan also performed live on several occasions for Radio Hamburg, where he achieved second place in Cover dich hoch! in 2017. 


Nathan is a composer & lyricist, releasing his first four songs on Spotify and other major streaming and download platforms in 2020/21.


In his spare time Nathan teaches singing and trumpet at the Musikschule Wedel and English at the VHS in Wedel.

RTL - Die Ultimative Chartshow - Gregorian (2013)

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